The Cost of Health Care

I am not sure if the general public understands the administrative nightmare involved in getting paid for services rendered by health care professionals.
I just spent over an hour on the phone with a health insurance company, attempting to get paid for services rendered to a client. After being transferred five times, and sitting on hold for over an hour, I hung up in frustration.
Part of the reason why health care costs are so high in this country is because of the incompetence and arrogance of health insurance companies, who put roadblocks in place so that clinicians are not paid. Clinicians must then pass the administrative cost of phone calls, paperwork, and follow up onto the consumer.
This problem is not because of Obama Care, as health insurance companies want the consumer to believe. This is pure and simple greed.
I would encourage all consumers to write to their state legislators regarding quick, easy, and streamlined payment of health care claims by insurance companies. The current system was put into place to ensure checks and balances; the result has been increased costs to the point where many clinicians are simply giving up and changing careers or not accepting insurance at all.

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