The Northeast US was plummeted with 10+ inches of the white fluffy stuff yesterday, shutting down roads, businesses and schools. Rather than take on all 10 includes at once, I decided to shovel 3 to 4 inches at a time, getting several bouts of fresh air, exercise, and winter at its finest!

A snow shovel is a unique and special tool. Mine is old and flat and bent and metal, making a raw, scraping sound as it hits the pavement. Several people have recommended I purchase a new one, but I am holding onto that shovel with a vengeance, as it holds many years of memories. The air is fresh and crisp; a light snow is still falling. My neighbor is out, too, hidden under layers of bulky gear, and we comment on how Mother Nature has hit us hard this year, trying to recall whether this was our third or fourth snowfall. Getting back to normal meant brushing off cars with brooms, arming ourselves with our personal shovel, and battling the elements.

But wait! Our light conversation and the sweet sounds and smells of winter are interrupted! A neighbor down the way has started his muscle machine: THE DREADED SNOW BLOWER! It is loud and imposing, and we are now greeted with the putrid smell of exhaust fumes, six houses down wind.

Am I the only soul who longs for a simpler time, when all the neighbors were out with shovels, scraping the pavement, and lamenting about the power of nature. I recall the fruits of our labor being rewarded when someone would invite the rest of us in for a  cup of hot cocoa or tea, and we would chat about current events or work or children or school or life?

Thinking of this, I finished the last bit of my driveway, the part where the professional plows skate by and heap the snow from the road onto the base of everyone’s driveway, creating the most daunting final task. Just about ready to retire inside, my neighbor popped her head around a mound of snow: “Am I the only person who hates snow blowers? They give me a headache!”

I smiled, and chuckled and nodded. “I agree,” I said, then invited my neighbor inside for a cup of hot cocoa!



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