Corporate Initiatives

On-Sight Therapy

Happy employees make for a satisfying, prosperous, and successful business environment. Employees are under tremendous stress these days: balancing work and family issues, managing fears of being downsized, staying motivated, and dealing with ever-changing demands and technology.

Often, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are not enough. Many corporations are offering on-site therapy to assist employees with emotional strain, which, in turn, raises productively. Services can include physical therapy, massage, yoga, and counseling.

Therapy at Work LLC will coordinate on-site services for your business. Our staff contracts with massage and physical therapists, and counselors to work with employees on a daily or weekly basis to deal with stress, adjust to work demands, resolve conflicts, and cope with issues which may be interfering with work.

If an employee has been charged with work place harassment or bullying, Therapy at Work LLC can help this individual change his or her behavior. If downsizing, Therapy at Work LLC can assist in identifying transferable skills, outplacement services, workforce transition, and stress management. When employees leave your workplace, help them leave without resentments and fear; help them see the new opportunities available to them as they transition to a new work environment.

Private Practice Opportunities

Have you always wanted to start your own private practice? Why do it alone? Therapy at Work LLC can save you time and money. Avoid the pitfalls associated with starting from scratch. Therapy at Work LLC offers consultation services and franchise opportunities. As a practitioner in private practice, you are also a business owner, an entrepreneur, an accountant, a marketing director, and a bookkeeper.

Therapy at Work LLC can help you get started
in private practice, by addressing key issues:
  • How many other counselors, social workers, or psychologists are operating
    in your area or region? Is there a market for your practice?
  • Should you take health insurance or accept only private-pay or fee for service?
  • What is the best way to promote your new practice?
  • How do you set up an office? Furniture? Billing? Credit Cards?
  • How do you market and network to keep your business afloat?
  • How many clients do you need to be successful, and how do you keep them?
  • Should you rent space or share an office with a colleague?
  • In what areas should you specialize?

Franchising is an easy way to set up a private practice with resources available to help with the business side of your practice.

Pay a franchise fee and get:
  • Use of the “Therapy at Work LLC” name and logo
  • Help with signage
  • Billing services
  • Marketing assistance
  • Credentialing and help applying to major insurance companies
  • Ongoing support once your practice is established

Call today for a consultation: 908-809-3721

Psychology in the Workplace

Apply psychological principles to your place of business!

  • How happy are your employees?
  • What motivates them?
  • Do your employees know how to resolve conflict professionally?
  • Is your management able to motivate, lead, and direct day-to-day operations effectively?

Most importantly….

  • How satisfied are your customers?

Studies confirm that happy employees make productive employees, and personality theory verifies that different employees are motivated by different incentives — some money, some paid time off, others recognition. What do your employees need and want to stay happy and productive?

What is your competition doing? Does your brand speak to your customer base? How long has it been since you surveyed your customers to see how your business could improve or opportunities you might be missing?

Therapy at Work LLC is well-versed in applying psychology and human behavioral principles to the workplace to maximize profitability and customer and employee satisfaction. Call today to see how Therapy at Work LLC can help your business prosper.

Internships and Clinical Supervision

Do you need a clinical supervisor to quality for licensure? Receive clinical supervision directly with Diane Kolodzinski. Certified to provide clinical supervision to LACs, she will assist you with a supervision plan, and provide documentation of every clinical hour you have logged. Supervisory help with difficult cases, ethical and legal issues, and managing difficult populations is offered. Best of all, you will learn to be a caring, compassionate, and effective counselor.