More than 30 percent of Therapy at Work LLC clients are adolescents and/or parents of adolescents seeking guidance. Raising children and teens is difficult, and balancing their needs with the needs of the family can be a challenge. One disturbing trend is the rise in teen suicides; plus the number of teens cutting themselves and using drugs or alcohol.
Stress on today’s teens is massive, including the need to fit in with peers, establishing a separate identity from parents, academic pressure, and dealing with blended families. This, coupled with a teenager’s developing executive functionings, such as planning and delaying instant gratification, makes for a murky time for all involved.

Special services for teenagers:
  • Bullying
    -including cyber bullying
  • Controlling boyfriends
    or girlfriends
  • GBLTQQ issues
  • Blended family issues
  • Cutting
  • Divorce
  • Drinking, using drugs
  • Relocating schools
  • TV, video game addiction
  • Test anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Poor academic performance
  • College transition
  • Loss
  • Fitting in; self-esteem
  • Social skills


Often, a teenager needs an adult to talk to and process information and feelings. Not able to turn to parents, not wanting to seek help from guidance counselors due to the stigma, teens often do not have an outlet for strong and confusing feelings. Help your son or daughter navigate this stage of life with grace by offering supportive counseling services. If your child is using drugs or alcohol, counseling can help! Many teens do not understand the effects of illegal substances on the brain and the body. Marijuana use is not OK! Many teenagers do not understand the long-term side effects of these substances, or the legal implications of using. Help educate your child; help them develop more effective, healthier coping skills.